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    Bij een autobedrijf is geen dag hetzelfde

    Bij een autobedrijf is geen enkele dag hetzelfde. Niet alleen komen er elke dag andere auto’s binnen voor een keuring of een onderhoudsbeurt, ook zijn er elke dag nieuwe mensen met nieuwe problemen. De autotechniek staat niet stil. Sterker nog, zij is volop in beweging. Wij keken een dagje mee bij een autobedrijf met meerdere vestigingen in de randstad (voor de website, zie: www.smitsauto.nl). Wat komen je als garagist op een dag zoal tegen, en wat voor taken doet een autobedrijf eigenlijk allemaal? Welkom in de wereld van techniek, zaken en transport, een wereld die geen dag hetzelfde is. Van APK tot airco Binnen Smits autobedrijf Ypenburg zijn verschillende mensen…

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    Wat kan je met een dubbele fietsstandaard?

    Een dubbele fietsstandaard is een standaard die bedoeld is om twee fietsen tegelijkertijd te ondersteunen en rechtop te houden. Het bestaat uit twee parallelle armen die uitsteken vanaf een centraal punt en elk eindigen in een kleinere voet die op de grond staat. Wanneer de standaard op de grond wordt geplaatst en de fietsen op de armen worden geplaatst, ondersteunt de standaard beide fietsen in een stabiele positie, wat handig kan zijn bij bijvoorbeeld het parkeren van fietsen in een fietsenstalling. Een dubbele fietsstandaard kan handig zijn voor bijvoorbeeld gezinnen of vriendengroepen die samen fietsen en hun fietsen bij elkaar willen parkeren. Ook kan het handig zijn voor bedrijven of…

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    7 Tips for Renting a Holiday Villa in the French Dordogne 

    Renting a holiday villa in the French Dordogne can be an excellent way to experience the region’s natural beauty, rich history, and charming villages. However, it’s important to do your research and plan carefully to ensure that you have an enjoyable and stress-free stay. Here are some tips for renting a holiday villa in the Dordogne!  1. Start Early  The Dordogne is a popular holiday destination, especially during peak season (July-August). It’s essential to start your search early to secure the best villa at the best price. Some villas may be booked up to a year in advance.  2. Location  Consider which area of the Dordogne you want to stay…

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    Click here is a good way to promote your discount codes!

    A site that collects discount codes is usually a website that collects various discounts and offers from different stores and brands. These websites offer a handy overview of available discounts and discount codes, so that you can easily see where you can best shop to save on your purchases. An example of such a website can be TrustDeals, for example. You often see on websites that they have a ‘click here‘ button. This button goes straight to a product or service that is often purchased. This English word means in Dutch click here. You see this all over the world. Many companies use this word to immediately forward someone to…

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    Why You Should Consider Buying a Second-Hand Minibus

    If you’re in the market for a new minibus, you might want to consider buying a second-hand model. There are many benefits to choosing a pre-owned vehicle, including lower prices and a wider selection. Plus, when you buy from a reputable dealer like ABC Minibuses, you can be sure that the bus has been thoroughly inspected and is in good condition. Keep reading for more reasons why buying a used mini bus might be the right choice for you! Why you should drive a second hand mini bus While many people believe that driving a brand new luxury car is the way to go, there are plenty of reasons to…

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    Why is boat rental Amsterdam so popular?

    Amsterdam is a city that is rich in history and culture, and boat rental Amsterdam has become one of the most popular tourist activities in recent years. There are a number of reasons for this. First, boat rental Amsterdam allows visitors to see the city from a unique perspective. The canals of Amsterdam are world-famous, and there is no better way to see them than from the deck of a boat. Second, boat rental Amsterdam is an affordable way to explore the city. While many tourists opt for more expensive options like tours or river cruises, boat rental Amsterdam provides a budget-friendly alternative that doesn’t sacrifice quality or convenience. Finally,…

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    Don’t Be Caught Without Home Insurance: Get Protected Today

    It’s a fact of life that bad things can happen, and when they do, homeowners need to be prepared. That’s where Home insurance 247 comes in. This important type of insurance can protect you financially if your home is damaged or destroyed. It’s important to have home insurance even if you don’t think something bad will happen, because you never know what might happen. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of home insurance and how to get protected today! What happens if you have no insurance and something happens If you have no insurance for your home and something happens, you will be responsible for paying for…

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    Kite School Booking System

    We live in a time where everyone is constantly on the go, therefore scheduling ahead of time is more important than ever. For this reason, it’s crucial that your company or institution has an efficient booking system. Advantages of kite school Booking systems • Classroom schedules With a kite school booking system in place, it is much easier to arrange classroom times. The system generates a schedule and assigns classrooms based on enrollment. • Simple, Quick and effective It’s simple, quick, and convenient to reserve a spot at a kite school online. To reserve any of the school’s store’s supplies, for instance, all you have to do is log on…

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    Why You Can Trust Womy for Used City Buses

    When buying used city buses, buyers have plenty of questions. These questions are always valid ones. With new models popping up on the market almost daily and prices fluctuating rapidly, it’s no wonder some potential buyers shy away from the used bus market. Fortunately, this is starting to change with more people getting comfortable buying used. Here is why you can trust Womy for these city buses. Womy: Your One-Stop Shop for Used Buses • Our trucks are cleaned and certified: Buying used city buses has its benefits, but it also comes with certain risks. For example, whether or not the vehicle was well-maintained and cared for before its sale.…

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    Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Used Gearbox

    Once you have a car, be prepared for the mechanical breakdown cases. There are endless mechanical problems you may encounter soon. Whichever the issues, I bet you don’t want it to be an engine or a transmission issue. To solve the issues, you will have to incur lots of cash to have them fixed. But if you visit a junkyard am confident you will get used gearboxes and many other spare parts. Imagine a world without junkyards; it would be rough for car owners. These yards make it easy for an individual to get a second hand spare part if they cannot afford a new one. Used gearboxes can serve…