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    What is Supply Chain Control Tower?

    A supply chain control tower is a connected and personalised dashboard of supply chain data. The tower enables companies to understand, prioritise and resolve issues in actual time. By using the control tower, organisations can sense changes in demand and supply and respond using optimal, automated decisions.The o9 control tower supply chain monitors demand and supply, detects problems early and triggers automated decisions for intelligent resolutions. There are numerous disruptions which increase market volatility exponentially. Companies can manage risk and opportunities by sensing and managing slight demand and supply changes on this AI platform. How Does It Work? The o9 control tower enables organisations to use an AI-enabled platform to…

  • polyquaternium 37

    Polyquaternium 37: Uses and Qualities

    Polyquaternium 37 is a polymetric quaternary salt made of ammonium. It has various uses in the hair care and manufacturing industries. The salt is classified as both antistatic and a film former, qualities that define its applications. Furthermore, because the salt has a low viscosity, it can be added at any point during the manufacturing process. It is also neither acidic, inactive, nor ionized. Therefore, when using it, companies do not have to neutralise it or heat it for activation. Furthermore, it is highly stable, which makes it ideal for stabilizing the co-ingredients and aiding in suspension. Its thickening and spreading properties also come into play when it is used…

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    Kite school management software

    In today’s world, software systems have become popular and are seen as a good platform for people of different ages. From the experience of many people, software systems have been said to be fun and thrilling. In the Covid-19 era, different sectors have been affected both positively and negatively. Sectors like education, entertainment and commerce have taken full advantage of the pandemic by virtualizing most of its services. The kite school management software was also not left behind, in that it is an instrument of settling issues brought about by covid-19. The kite school management software is used to acclimate to the effects brought about by the pandemic since they…

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    Becoming a professional barber

    If you are a man who wants to become a barber, you have to do a lot. A barber is a men’s hairdresser who also grooms beards and moustaches, and of course does a lot more than that. A barber is not just a barber and therefore you need a real training by a master barber, and of course you want that with the best teacher you can find. Only in this way can you become really good at your craft and therefore investing in such training is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. Want to know more about how you can become a real barber? Then read on below. How…

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    Three industries where people work with portable devices

    In many branches people go to work with portable devices. They do this to make the work they have to do easier. With portable devices you can easily work, for example, through an entire room. You do not have to unplug your equipment and plug it in again elsewhere to get back to work. These kinds of handy innovations make business processes a lot faster. Especially in industries such as hospitals and dentists, this is essential. These are professions where fast and good work is required. Via portable devices this is realized much faster.  Hospitals make use of it  In hospitals it is important to work quickly and practically. Especially…

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    Insurance Focus for your information 

    Do you need new insurance for your vacation? Or maybe you are going to buy a new house or car. Also for these things you need different kinds of insurance. For almost everything you need insurance nowadays. Are you going to get new insurance and you don’t know much about it? Then you need more information about the opportunities and cost of the insurance. If you need this kind of information you can go to the website of Insurance Focus. On this website you can find a lot of information about different kinds of insurance. You can think about car insurance. But also insurance for your company. Car insurance Are…

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    How medicinal cannabis is effective against pain

    Medicinal cannabis has been recommended by many doctors over the world for reducing pain caused by various diseases and conditions. That is because weed has been proven to be extremely effective against (chronic) pain and can be used in many different ways. In this article we will go through some ways to get the most out of your medicinal weed. Adding fats increases the effect of weed It has shown that healthy fatty acids can increase the effect of THC and CBD. Because the active substances in cannabis are lipid plant components, also known as fats, it can help to add healthy fatty acids such as coconut oil, avocado or…

  • brandwerende platen
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    Brandwerende platen

    Lees over aftimmeren met brandwerend materiaal. Het is al een oud fenomeen, maar om één of andere reden komt het aftimmeren vanwege de brandveiligheid traag op gang. Een leuke bijkomstigheid is dat brandwerende platen erg mooi kunnen zijn. Een stalen bint aftimmeren met gipsplaat In de bouwkunde is het vaak een kwestie van, als het kalf verdronken is dempt men de put. Eerst moet er iets fout gaan, en daarna komt er een oplossing. Enkele voorbeelden hierin, vroeger was een tunnel kaal beton. Gewapend beton kan veel verdragen, maar geen temperaturen van meer dan 500 graden Celsius, terwijl een brand als snel 1200 graden is. Pas later werden tunnels van…

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    Tips for making transport more sustainable

    Transportation is a very large industry all over the world. For example, packages are sent via trucks, ships and planes and goods are managed and stored in large warehouses. This is all to ensure that consumers get their orders quickly. But this industry also creates a lot of fuel emissions which is not very good for the environment. That’s why more and more organizations are making efforts to make transport more sustainable. Are you curious about how this can be done and what measures need to be taken? Then read on, we will be happy to explain it to you. Replacing fuel A good solution for making transport more sustainable…

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    Journal Book

    A journal book is a must if you want to organise your life. You can use to post different entries that are all aimed at keeping you on track. They have enough space you can write all your ambitions and things that will get you there. It’s not limiting in terms of pages; when you are trying to organise yourself, it’s essential to have enough journaling space. It can also be a perfect outlet for all your troubling thoughts and emotions if you give it a chance. Journal Ideas These are some of the ideas you can use to help you get more organised. Have a weekly and daily spread…